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Reading, Resilience, and Relationships in Afterschool Programs

THE NEW 3Rs is a program and research study which examines whether the addition of resilience and relationship building skills in any way influences the outcome of an existing literacy program for third through fifth grade students.

The New 3Rs adapts the concepts of relationship building and resilience from PEAR's RALLY program, which targets middle school students, and applies them to upper elementary students who are already part of a literacy program. The literacy program is a comprehensive, fluency-based reading intervention program sponsored by Tufts University known as Retrieval, Automaticity, Vocabulary, Engagement with Language, Orthography (RAVE-O).

Whereas RAVE-O addresses the cognitive and developmental components of literacy, The New 3Rs increases students' self-confidence and social skills by helping them to build strong relationships with adults and other children. Staff may play games, lead team or skill building exercises, or tutor and mentor children during the afterschool program.


• Build strong connections with students, so they can learn how to build similar connections with other people in their lives
• Recognize and develop children's passions, strengths, and interests
• Connect children and families with resources in the community
• Communicate regularly with and support the involvement of family members
• Connect school, afterschool and community programs together so students receive consistent care.

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21-Mar-2016 Program in Education, Afterschool & Resiliency
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