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Project Based Learning

Mission Statement
Project Based Learning (PBL) is a model for classroom activity that emphasizes learning activities that are long term, interdisciplinary, and student centered. Every project focuses on children having fun, learning skills and concepts that are connected to academic standards, and creating something that is meaningful to them and their community.
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The Project Based Learning Course
Jennifer Boyd, manager of Project-Based Learning,is also adjunct faculty at Cambridge College and taught a course on Project Based Learning in Out-of-School Time in Spring 2006.

With society's focus on academic standards and testing, today's out-of-school time programs must provide relevant academic enrichment experiences for children and youth. How can programs create these academic-based experiences while adhering to the needs of youth to relax, be creative, be safe, and enjoy activities after school? Creating meaningful projects for and with youth during out-of-school time that create choices for them and link to school learning standards is a powerful way to connect to their academic experience. This course provided students with an concrete understanding of and hands-on experience with project-based learning as developed over the past five years at Harvard University. Part One of the course focused on gaining practical experience in creating projects that are fun, meaningful, and bridge to learning. Part Two highlighted youth development approaches to working with children and youth on projects. Each class session involved concrete small group work designed to emphasize the discussion. Guest speakers from innovative out-of-school time organizations and real-world examples from projects implemented in afterschool programs in New York City and Cambridge, MA illustrate the applications of project-based learning.


21-Mar-2016 Program in Education, Afterschool & Resiliency
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