New Directions for Youth Development CURRENT ISSUE

NDYD 135Teacher-Student Relationships: Toward Personalized Education;

Beth Bernstein-Yamashiro & Gil G. Noam (editors)

Spring 2013

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NDYD 135Teacher-Student Relationships: Toward Personalized Education. New Directions for Youth Development, Number 137

This volume explores the complexity of teacher-student relationships in secondary school settings and discusses how these largely unscripted relationships function for students and teachers in their learning and socioemotional development. For teachers, the relationships provide a foundation for pedagogical and curricular endeavors and lead to their increased investment in students' growth, development, and academic success. Students who have such relationships feel more comfortable in their learning environments, interested in the material, and motivated to perform well. We discuss what these relationships look like from the perspectives of teacher and student. More....



NDYD 134Adolescent Emotions: Development, Morality, and Adaptation

 No. 136
 Tina Malti (editor)

 Winter 2012

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NDYD 134Youth Success and Adaptation in Times of Globalization and Economic Change

 No. 135
 Xinyin Chen, Verona Christmas-Best, Peter F. Titzmann, & Karina Weichold (editors)

 Fall 2012

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NDYD 134Career Programming: Linking Youth to the World of Work

 No. 134
 Kathryn Hynes, Barton J. Hirsch (editors)

 Summer 2012

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NDYD Special Issue

 Innovations in Child and Youth Programming: A Special Issue from the National
 AfterSchool Association

 Vincent D. Lafontan, Alycia G. Orcena (Editors)

 Special Issue: 2011

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NDYD 133

 Evidence-Based Bullying Prevention Programs for Children and Youth

 No. 133
 Dagmar Strohmeier, Gil G. Noam (Editors)

 Spring 2012

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NDYD 132

 Support and Instruction for Youth Purpose

 No. 132
 Jenni Menon Marioano (Editor)

 Winter 2011

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NDYD 131

 Expanded Learning Time and Opportunities

 No. 131
 Helen Janc Malone (Editor)

 Fall 2011

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NDYD 130

 Recreation as a Developmental Experience

 No. 130
 Lawrence R. Allen, Robert J. Barcelona (Editors)

 Summer 2011

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NDYD 129

 Columbine a Decade Later: The Prevention of Homicidal Violence in Schools

 No. 129
 Dewey G. Cornell, Herbert Scheithauer (Editors)

 Spring 2011

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NDYD 128

 New Media and Technology, Youth as Content Creators

 No. 128
 Edited by: Marina Umaschi Bers

 Winter 2010

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NDYD 127

 Putting All Students on the Graduation Path

 No. 127
 Edited by: Nettie Legters & Robert Balfanz

 Spring 2010

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NDYD 126

 Play, Talk, Learn:  Promising Practices in Youth Mentoring

 No. 126
 Edited by: Michael J. Karcher and Michael J. Nakkula

 Summer 2010

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NDYD 125

 Cultural Agents and Creative Arts

  No. 125
 Edited by: Doris Sommer and Andrés Sanín

 Spring 2010

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