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PEAR Impact brings PEAR research and practices to educators and those involved in education. PEAR Impact offers Trainings and Assessment Services to help educational programs and professionals connect to and understand their students.

About PEAR Impact: PEAR launched PEAR Impact in 2009 in order to improve learning environments, strengthen student-teacher relationships, and boost academic outcomes for all young people. Drawing from research findings and over 15 years of direct service experience in school and afterschool settings, PEAR Impact brings to the field certificate training and assessment tools that integrate development, mental health, and education so that professionals in a variety of settings can better understand, recognize and respond to young people.

PEAR Impact Trainings: PEAR Impact's certificate training program is offered to schools, afterschools, school systems and other youth serving organizations. Over the course of a year, PEAR builds networks of school and afterschool professionals to establish a common understanding about adolescent development; social, emotional and mental well-being; practices to prevent and intervene early when social, emotional or mental health problems emerge in students and families; and the skills to communicate and teach others about these concepts and practices. With support from PEAR, professionals who participate in PEAR Impact train-the trainer programs will also train five additional staff in their schools and afterschools. At the end of a training period, (usually two years), a district will have 125 professionals who are able to apply knowledge and skills to more effectively teach and support students in a consistent and coordinated way. With these 125 trained professionals, at least 1250 students will be positively impacted.

Assessment Services: PEAR Impact offers individualized Holistic Student Assessment services to educational programs.

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