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Informal Learning and Science Afterschool

The Informal Learning and Science Afterschool (ILSA) began in 2006. The project investigated the nature of informal science in afterschool programs around the country. The three-year study began by creating and administering surveys to 1,000 programs, in-depth interviews with a subset of 50, and case studies at eight sites in 2006. The study documented the nature of student participation and learning in science activities in "typical" (non-science-specific) afterschool programs, and the infrastructure required to support these programs. "Infrastructure" includes curriculum, staff recruitment and support, and program leadership and structures. The study was led by Gil Noam of Harvard University, Bronwyn Bevan from the Exploratorium, Rena Dorph from the Lawrence Hall of Science, and Reginald Clark of Reginald Clark and Associates.

Participating organizations include PEAR, the Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Reginald Clark and Associates.

ILSA was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Modified: 07-Oct-2015

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