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Action for Healthy Kids
"The only nonprofit organization formed specifically to address the epidemic of overweight, undernourished and sedentary youth by focusing on changes at school. We work in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to improve children's nutrition and increase physical activity, which will in turn improve their readiness to learn."

Active Living Network
"The Active Living Network is designed for professionals, advocates and anyone interested in promoting active lifestyles and vibrant, healthy places. The mission of the Active Living Network is to promote active, healthy environments by building a national coalition of professional leaders who have a stake in the health impacts of how places are designed and built."

Other Relevant Websites

School Nutrition Association

Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity

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Harvard Prevention Research Center for Nutrition and Physical Activity

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Information for kids, teen and parents.


•  According to the 2003 Youth Risk Behavior Survey:

•  Nationwide, 29% of youth are overweight or at risk of overweight

•  A third of youth are getting an insufficient level of physical activity

•  Nationwide, 55.7% of students attended Physical Education class one or more times per an average week.

•  38.2% of students watch more than 3 hours of television on an average school day.


•  Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity: Focus on Schools - Brief Summary: Institute of Medicine Regional Symposium . Can be purchased:

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  • Jukes, M.& Cheung, L.W.Y.,Be Healthy! It's A Girl Thing: Food, Fitness,and Feeling Great. Crown Publishing/Random House, 2003. (Book for pre-teen and teen girls)
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