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Holistic Classroom Assessment

The Holistic Classroom Assessment (HCA) is an assessment tool completed by educators about their entire class, indicating the strengths and struggles of each individual student. Using this information we can create an easy-to-understand snapshot of the class, its needs, and who falls where on the spectrum. The HCA was developed by PEAR for use with our partners in education.

Developing the HCA: The Holistic Classroom Assessment was developed in late 2011 by PEAR to help educators quickly and at a glance understand the strengths a class displays; the kinds and levels of struggles that class displays; and at what level each student struggles relative to the rest of the class.

The HCA Process: Teachers fill out a basic spreadsheet indicating whether students display strengths, and the level at which students struggle, for each of the four Clover categories (Active Engagement, Assertiveness, Belonging, and Reflection). PEAR then integrates that information to illustrate how the classroom is doing as a whole, and where individual attention is most needed.

The HCA Profile: The HCA profile provides teachers with information on what proportion of their class displays significant strengths, on the proportions of their class displaying significant struggles, on where each student falls on that spectrum relative to his classmates, and on how strengths and struggles are distributed across the four clover leaves.

For more information and to download a flyer on the HCA please Click Here.

Modified: 07-Oct-2015

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