Science Process Skills Inventory (SPSI)

The inventory consists of eleven items, each representing a different skill in the science inquiry process. Youth are prompted to respond to each statement using a 4-point Likert scale indicating how often they practice each of the items when doing science: Never (1), sometimes (2), usually (3), and always (4). Recommended scoring of the SPSI is the calculation of a composite science process skills score. This is calculated by summing the individual ratings for each item. The score range for the composite score is 11-44.

Average Review: 4 (4.5)

by Martin Smith, Associate Specialist in CE, UC-Davis, 4

I believe that the assessment of science process skills is a critical element relative to the promotion and use of inquiry-based curriculum materials. I like the straightforward nature of this tool; however, I wonder if adapting it to make it a retrospective instrument would be a worthwhile effort. I am curious if youth in the target age group can accurately assess their pre-knowledge with respect to some of the questions asked. Anyway, it's a thought for consideration...