Science Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ)

The 30-item Science Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ) assesses six components of students' motivation to learn science in college or high school courses. The SMQ assesses six components of motivation: intrinsically motivated science learning, extrinsically motivated science learning, relevance of learning science to personal goals, responsibility (self-determination) for learning science, confidence (self-efficacy) in learning science, & anxiety about science assessment.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by anonymous, Youth Development Advisor, University of California, 4

I like how the authors clearly set the context for taking the survey. This allows the participant to frame each question in very specific terms that are easily understood. The questions are clear and direct and would provide teachers, department heads, school counselors, and administrators clear results on student motivations around science. This would be a helpful tool not only to set department / course goals, but also to set goals for individual students in order to better engage learners.