New Ecological Paradigm Scale (NEP-R)

The New Ecological Paradigm Scale-Revised (NEP-R) is an updated version of the 1978 New Ecological Paradigm Survey. This updated version reflects current environmental terminology, as well as tests a single construct. The NEP-R is suitable for use in the general adult population.

Average Review: 3 (3.3)

by anonymous, County Director, CSU Extension, 4

It seems like every other item is the opposite of the one above it or the one below it - a pattern in the arrangement of the questions/items. Also having an odd number of responses on the likert scale will allow respondents to be neutral, if that is a focus of the evaluator to get positive, neutral and negative responses, this is set up well. If the evaluator wants respondents to fall either on one side or the other the likert scale should be changed to 1 - 6. If our program was designed to affect the ecological attitudes of participants -- I would see this as a valuable pre/post test and I would use it.