Science Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ)

The 30-item Science Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ) assesses six components of students' motivation to learn science in college or high school courses. The SMQ assesses six components of motivation: intrinsically motivated science learning, extrinsically motivated science learning, relevance of learning science to personal goals, responsibility (self-determination) for learning science, confidence (self-efficacy) in learning science, & anxiety about science assessment.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by anonymous, Front Range STEM Specialist, Colorado State Univeristy, 3

I particularly like the concept of evaluating where the motivation for science originates. I find this tool to be quite original and I think that the content hints at the various motivators, which I find insightful. I don’t find this tool as clear and concise as some other evaluation tools that I have utilized in the past. For instance, I think it would be more user friendly if it has check boxes underneath (or besides) each of the questions with a reminder of how the 0-4 scale is used. I do not feel that this tool is particularly useful in an informal science environment. Most of the questions are based around the perceptions students have about their in-school classes and not about their informal science learning experiences.