Attitudes Toward Mathematics Inventory (ATMI)

The Attitudes Toward Mathematics Inventory (ATMI) is a 40 question, 4-factor survey designed to measure high school and college students' attitudes toward mathematics. Unlike other math assessments, the ATMI was designed to be brief while also capturing multiple factors that contribute to one's attitude about math.

Average Review: 3 (3.8)

by anonymous, Front Range STEM Specialist, Colorado State Univeristy, 3

I particularly like the concept of evaluating attitudes towards mathematics. I don’t find this tool as clear and concise as some other evaluation tools that I have utilized in the past. For instance, I think it would be more user friendly if it has check boxes underneath (or besides) each of the questions with a reminder of how the 0-4 scale is used. I do not feel that this tool is particularly useful in an informal science environment. Most of the questions are based around the perceptions students have about their in-school classes and not about their informal science learning experiences. That being said, I find this tool to have considerable validity.