Youth Engagement, Attitudes and Knowledge Survey (4-H)

This survey is developed based on several other youth surveys, and includes questions on several youth development and STEM factors, including student demographics, life skills, decision making skills, critical thinking skills, etc. The survey is created for broader 4H community, but can also be applied outside it.

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Supplemental Information:

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Assessment Type:

Some parts of the survey are multiple choice, and the majority of the questions are point-scale.


4-point Likert scale (Strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree)

Publication Date:

Jun 07, 2012


9-18 year old 4-H participants

Domain(s) Evaluated:

Engagement, Attitude / Behavior, Competence, Career Knowledge / Acquisition

Sample items:

I joined 4-H because... (select all that apply.)
1a.Of the types of activities that you get to do.
1b. My friends were in it.
1c. My parents signed me up for it.
1d. Other






Administration time:

30-45 minutes

Requires a Computer:


Requires Internet Access:


Primary reference:

Mielke, M., LaFleur, J., Butler, A., Sanzone, J. (2012). 4-H science initiative: Youth engagement, attitudes, and knowledge study. National 4-H Council.


Other Reference:
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This study made use of YEAK finding a reliability score of 0.83. The study reported that previous studies specifically (Silliman and Shutt, 2010) reported high overall probability (0.88). The study noted that the data from their study was not factor analyzed.

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Suzanne Le Menestrel, Ph.D. National Program Leader, Youth Development Research 4-H National Headquarters Phone: (202) 720-2297