Changes in Attitudes about the Relevance of Science (CARS)

The tool was developed to measure: (a) change of science-related attitudes over time among students; and (b) the effect of similar curricula on the attitudes of different classes.

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A survey to determine attitudes of middle and high school students towards science instruction using strongly agree/disagree scale. It's precise application is not spelled out; the title speaks of "changes in attitude," but does not mention repeated testing over time. Additionally, it provides 3 sets of questions (with overlap), but does not explain why you would want to use any given set on its own, in combination with the others, with what populations, etc. That being said, in practice the application of this survey would be straightforward. The questions are a good mixture of positive ("Knowledge of science makes it easier to fix a bicycle") and negative ("I only take science because it is a required course"), with a slight bias towards questions that affirm science. With a few exceptions, the meaning of the questions would be clear to the target population. They come at the issue of attitudes towards science from a number of angles.