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Views of Nature of Science Questionnaire (VNOS-D)

Assessment Type: 7 open-ended questions, along with an individual interview.

Assesses students' views about the empirical, tentative, inferential, and creative and imaginative nature of science, as well as the distinction between observation and inference.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

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Views of Scientific Inquiry, Primary School Version (VOSI-P)

Assessment Type: 5 opened-ended questions. The questionnaire is administered and the answers are recorded by the researcher.

The VOSI questionnaire elicits details of learners ideas of what scientists do in the production of valid scientific knowledge. Understanding about scientific inquiry is an integral component of scientific literacy, along with Nature of Science (NOS). The VOSI is useful alone, or in combination with the VNOS to gain in-depth insights into respondents epistemological views of science. The VOSI targets aspects unique from, but complementary to, the VNOS instrument.

Average Review: 3 (3.0)

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