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Short Response

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Science Assessment Instrument

Evaluates students' knowledge of three fields of science (earth, physical, and life), three elements of knowing and doing science (conceptual understanding, scientific investigation, and practical reasoning), and two overarching domains in science (the nature of science and themes-systems, models, and patterns-present in science).
Assessment Type Scale Respondent Domain(s) Evaluated Sample Item(s)
Multiple choice, short constructed response questions, and extended constructed response questions. N/A 4th, 8th and 12th grade students Attitude, Content, Competence, Career 4th Grade
List four ways that the Earth is different from the moon.

8th Grade
What property of water is…
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Views of Nature of Science Questionnaire (VNOS-D)

Assesses students' views about the empirical, tentative, inferential, and creative and imaginative nature of science, as well as the distinction between observation and inference.
Assessment Type Scale Respondent Domain(s) Evaluated Sample Item(s)
7 open-ended questions, along with an individual interview. N/A 6th grade students Content, Competence What do you think a scientific model is?
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